One Penny Sale
Dumped My
September 2017

I'm loving this IBO Credits One Penny Sale.You can't beat these prices!!!!
Thank you Pastor Ced for all that you do sir. Mike Stamper

Ced, this is one of the craziest deals you've offered yet.
I just bought credits and I couldn't pass this one up.  Wayne Brooks

Thank you, Ced! I missed out on your last couple promotions,
but this time, I saw this early enough to be included,
before the credits were gone or the offer was expired.
Thank you so much!     Kelly Truelove

Hi Ced Thanks so much for this amazing offer,
really appreciate it. It will give
my fall campaigns a great start.
 Graham Snell

Thanks Pastor Ced, This promotion is Awesome,
the best one you have ran yet, thank you for being there for us...

Leroy Ross

This offer will last as long as credits are available. The offer
will come down as soon as this particular batch of credits is sold